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How to Live an Aligned, Empowered, Abundant Life

by StacyZeal
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Does this sound like you?

You’ve been daydreaming about traveling the world but feel you are too busy (or too scared) to make it happen.

You want to leave your job to pursue your dreams of entrepreneurship but fear stops you in your tracks.

You’ve been going, going, going so much that you haven’t even stopped to figure out whether you want to go left, right, or stay the course.

Can you imagine the feeling you’ll get when you finally start feeling aligned, abundant and empowered?

Introducing…Mary Zeal Group Coaching

This is a highly custom, highly empowering group coaching program that will teach you how to unapologetically live your best abundant life, even if you’re scared or don’t know what it looks like yet.

Ready to eliminate overwhelm, face your fears, and live an aligned life in whatever way YOU CHOOSE surrounded by a small group of women looking to do the same?

Then this program is for YOU!

>>> This program helped me land my dream job after bouncing around aimlessly trying to discover my purpose

>>> Beat burnout to live my best life unapologetically with plenty of rest, peace and joy

>>> This framework has helped many of my podcast listeners discover exactly what’s holding them back

What’s Included

8 Live Weekly Group Training Sessions

Each week you’ll learn a different strategy from my signature abundant living framework (see the program outline below) with weekly homework for you to complete and apply to your own life. Lessons will be recorded and available for you to rewatch as needed.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Each training session will have space for live group coaching where we’ll review homework, answer questions and talk about our wins of the week. We’ll also have opportunities for coaching in the private Facebook Group.

Private Accountability Pod

Community is everything! You’ll be a part of a growing members-only Facebook group where we’ll be able to discuss training, weekly wins, homework, and live Q&As with your coach, me! You’ll also be encouraged to form accountability squads to help you stay motivated and complete your goals.

A Value of Over $2,000!

Did you know that you are 65% more likely to meet a goal with an accountability buddy? 95% when you build in ongoing check-ins?!

American Society of Training & Development

Messenger Office Hours

We’ll be able to chat about your questions that come up via Facebook Messenger during weekly office hours where I will respond by text or audio.

Added Bonuses

High on Self-Care Course ($497 Value)

This course includes 3 on-demand video modules with strategies that will teach you:

  • The Basics of Self-Care & Cannabis for a Deeper Connection to Self
  • Mindset Shifts You Must Make to Prioritize Self-Care (putting everyone else before you? This one’s for you!)
  • How to Make Space In Your Life for Self-Care (aka Eliminate Busyness & Overwhelm)
  • How to Create a Consistent Self-Care Routine (you’ll actually want to stick to)
  • The Keys to Being Consistent With Self-Care

Free 1-Hour Coaching Session ($250 Value)

Pay in full to get a free one-hour 1:1 coaching session with me in any of the areas of the program that you need the most help in. This will be determined by both you and me.

On average, coaching sessions cost $200 an hour! You can get be apart of this exclusive Mary Zeal Group Coaching (a $2747 value) for just $997!

Don’t wait until you’re knocking on burnout’s door to prioritize your needs!

 56% of women tend to feel burnt out quite often, compared to 51% of men.


⬇️ Check out the research! ⬇️

Meet Your Coach Stacy Zeal

Self-Care Coach for Stoners | Host of High on Self Care Podcast | Yoga Teacher


The Baltimore Sun | Wine Weed & Weave | Style of Business | Bitch, Let’s Talk | Authentic Talks 2.0 | What’s Next Podcast For Women

Hi! I’m the CEO of Mary Zeal and Host of the High on Self Care podcast where I empower women to live full, abundant lives with consistent self-care and mindful cannabis to create a deeper connection.

Cannabis literally changed my life. 

For years, I ignored my insomnia thinking I was making it through…until I fell asleep driving. That was my wake-up call to finally take my sleep issues seriously so I did the millennial thing…I started Googling all the things.

I tried melatonin, not drinking caffeine after 2 pm, essential oils, sleep stories…you name it I tried it. Nothing worked consistently.  

At my wit’s end, a doctor prescribed me sleeping pills that worked GREAT for all of 2 weeks 😔.  The doctor told me that people build up a tolerance to sleeping pills and recommended that I take the pills off and on for 2 weeks at a time.

So, my options were:

✨ Sleep great for 2 weeks and then not sleep for 2 weeks; OR

✨ Try the newly recreationally legal cannabis in Las Vegas where I lived

I chose recreational weed (despite my job doing randoms) and have never looked back. To this day, cannabis helps me with sleep and go deeper in my daily self-care.

Cannabis helps me to…

✅  Get regular, well-rested sleep so that I wake up feeling energized (protecting your energy is key to abundance)

✅  Deepen my daily meditation and yoga practice so that I give my peeps (that’s you!) my best (listening to your own voice is a key topic we cover in the program)

✅  Heighten my awareness in journaling so that I stay aligned with my desires rather than running on autopilot (sound familiar 😬)

I’m a Yoga Teacher, Self-Care Coach for Canna-Queens, and host of High on Self-Care that KNOWS prioritizing self-care (and adding cannabis to go deeper 😉) is the key to living an empowered, aligned and abundant life.

We make the most aligned and abundant decisions  when self-care is a top priority.

Do you feel like you are always drained, busy, and/or overwhelmed? So do 51% of Americans according to Birchbox!

When you’re intentional, aligned, and trust yourself you make magical decisions! 

You’re able to stand in your truth and design the life you want regardless of what society thinks.

You feel empowered to live on your terms, no matter how unconventional.

You feel FREE.

I invite you to make the same commitment to yourself, that I have. 

Commit to being your best so that you can give your best.

Feed into yourself so that you can give from abundance.

Prioritize yourself so that you can feel full.

What if I’m too busy?

My counter question is if not now, then when?

In the High on Self-Care Course, there’s an entire module with my signature method for eliminating busyness and creating a life filled with PEACE and an ABUNDANCE of energy so you can make time for what you want.

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”

Toni Morrison


Do you have to consume cannabis to be in this program?

No! Cannabis is not required however I will reference the plant and its benefits so if that makes you uncomfortable, this isn’t the program for you.

Will this program give me medical advice?

No, I am not a doctor. I am a coach that can provide lots of helpful info about being mindful with plant wellness.

When does the program start?

This group coaching program will start on June 8th. Session times will be determined at a later date.

How many people will be in the group?

This group program will be capped at 15 people so that everyone gets my best attention.

Are there payment plans?

Yes! Make 3 Payments of $350. If you have questions, please email us.

Have more questions? Contact Us via Email or Messenger.

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